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Recently, I upgraded my nVidia 780 Ti to a pair of R9 290Xs.

I purchased a PS3 with my first salary back in 2010, mostly for it's exclusives - God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2. Actually, I solely bought it to play the God of War franchise. And now, looking back at the catalog for both the Xbox One and the PS4, I can say that God of War 3 was the Playstation franchise's swan song, at least for me. It was the single player campaign lover's reprieve before the gaming world diffused into the cacophony of MMORPGs and online-only games.

I owned an Xbox One for a couple of months, before being disillusioned by the exorbitant prices for games, the lack of any good first-party titles, the poor graphical prowess and the back-pedaling over Kinect, which I paid a premium for. The Kinect had potential, which Microsoft squandered recklessly. I traded it in with Amazon and with the money I earned I set out to build a perfect gaming PC for myself.

I started with a micro ATX case, an AMD 6300FX processor, and a GTX 760. After random reboots, blue screens of death and poor in-game performance. I switched to Intel, a Core i5 4670 and an ATX Gigabyte Gaming 7 motherboard; I also upgraded to a GTX 780 Ti. The 780 Ti opened the doors to many a 1080p/60FPS gaming sessions. It is a versatile card, and if it wasn't so expensive, I would have preferred to use another 780 Ti in a SLI configuration.

The best parts of gaming on the PC are comprehensively documented on several parts of the internet. For me, it has to be Steam; a single place for managing my entire game catalog. I am neutral on the Steam sales, because after you go on the initial buying frenzy, you do end up in a situation where you already own most, if not all of the games offered in those sales. However, the said Steam sales are a steal when they happen. As of May 2015, GoG Galaxy; a DRM-free platform for content distribution, primarily games, and an alternative to Steam launched it's open beta.

I also appreciate the bump in display resolution on the PC side of gaming. With the currently available crop of graphics cards, you can comfortably play games at 2500 x 1440 with a steady 60fps, with the graphical fidelity turned all the way up.

The entire debate in the console realm over 1080p vs 900p is a non-factor in the PC side of things.

Dual Radeon R9 290xes

With two R9 290x cards in Crossfire, my baseline resolution has moved up to 2560 x 1440. When I get a 4K (or the next reasonable evolutionary step in resolution) display, I will be able to utilize the dual card configuration in a manner appreciable to the computing power they hold.

For now, I enjoy a staggering 3200 x 1800 resolution for most of the games out there including Grand Theft Auto V as of May 2015, with the antialiasing turned down. Although sitting 6 feet away from the TV screen and a non-20/20 vision don't really help me appreciate the full extent of the visual splendor, I am able to discern details which were never achievable on consoles. This would be a moot point however, if I continue to think that my current configuration is future-proof.

The successor to 290x will be announced this year. nVidia will also announce the next card to replace the GTX 980. This is a mere six months after I bought the 780Ti, which at the time, was already a year old. To keep up with the pace at which these units are introduced and phased out would be an exercise in futility. You are better served to set your expectations accordingly and figure out what level of fidelity and frame-rate you are comfortable with. Most importantly, always consider the ratio of price to performance. It is almost never wise to go with the flagships, mostly because of the ridiculous launch price; but also because a slightly underpowered unit will launch alongside it, which will be just as performant and sufficient for your needs.

The value of researching what suits your gaming tastes can never be undermined. That said, if you are a PC gamer, you already know that.