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LACOSTE is a brand that is synonymous with high-end polos and the cutting-edge of fashion. Every year, LACOSTE sponsors a pool party at Coachella, where all the celebrities and musicians come hang out and have a good time.

For Coachella 2012, LACOSTE wanted to create a holding place for all the photos of the pool party aggregated from Instagram and Twitter1.

The home page grid displaying the approved images from Instagram and Twitter

The solution was to aggregate imagery based on hashtags, and offer moderation controls to curate the collection. Roughly, the solution comprised of the following:

  • Communicate with the Twitter and Instagram API to get the images based on the hashtags
  • Retrieve images
  • Save them to a location
  • Moderate them and push them to the home page

The moderation panel, with hashtag support and controls for approving/disapproving images from Twitter and Instagram. With Twitter, the tweet text can be suppressed.

  1. This project was completed in conjunction with a team of designers and creative direction conducted by JWALK. I do not own or claim any ownership of the creative assets.